Joomla Website Design

I am excited to announce that I can now also offer Joomla Website Design to my customers. This is in conjunction with Adorn Media, a leading Joomla Website Designer. Jana Pilkington-Williams from Adorn is a whizz when it comes to Joomla and designing websites for it. I have always been a staunch supporter of designing websites…


The Importance of Local Business Directories in SEO

I recently read an article on Search Engine Journal about local directories. This reminded me of how important these local directories can be for a successful SEO campaign. If you run a local business that provides products\services mostly to a small geographic area you need to be listed in every single local directory you can…


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Johannesburg SEO: 7 Questions to Ask Any Company

Searching for a reliable Johannesburg SEO Company? This can be a challenging task if you aren’t equipped with the right information. I decided to create the following questions to assist you in choosing the right search engine optimization company. If you start asking these questions, and you can see the SEO grappling for answers, it is…


What makes Google Search Console so important?

When I first started with SEO, I was taught that you start with the on-site and on-page optimization long before you even consider doing anything off-page. A website that lacks solid on-site optimization, won’t respond well to any off-site work anyway. It makes sense to ensure that your website’s engine (on-page) is in a good condition,…