What you should know about the new local map pack\snack pack

By September 3, 2015blog
Google's new snack pack in action

Google’s new snack pack in action

Over the last month Google has been rolling out a more compact version of the map pack. Users have often been presented with map packs consisting of 3, 5 or even 7 listings in the past. The new snack pack as some call it, have been in testing in a few different markets in the United States.

Apart from the fewer listings, the new pack are consistently ranking much higher compared to the 7 pack. Where the old 7 pack used to rank in the first spot in only 25% of searches according to this report, the new snack pack is reported to take top spot in 93% of searches.

That is an astounding number!

This could have a significant impact for businesses that were previously shown in the 7 pack. This also means seo companies will have their work cut out for them.

The good news is that the new pack isn’t showing up in first spot as much in South Africa. I did a few searches, and in only a small number of them did the new pack show up first.

In some of the searches the map pack were beaten out by 3 organic listings (perhaps the new map pack hasn’t rolled out to those industries in SA yet).

Is your business verified on Google My Business? Is your business listed in the 3 pack?

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