Give your feedback on Google Search Console messages and notifications

Give your feedback on Google Search Console messages and notifications

Google Search Console I came across this post on Search Engine Land this morning. Google is asking end users for some feedback on their Search Console as messages and notifications.

Google only recently renamed the service that was well-known as Google Webmaster Tools to . This tool is incredibly important for any search engine optimization company, as well as webmasters.

With the help of Google Search Console, you can learn about crawl errors, whether certain pages are indexed or not, which backlinks are pointing to your site, which search queries are being used to find your site, as well as a number of other very useful things.

Whenever I speak with a potential client, my first questions is always whether the client is using Google Search Console. Closely followed with the same question with regards to Google Analytics.

Search Console gives me a great idea of whether the client’s site has technical difficulties that must first be overcome before the seo can start. It also gives me a great idea of what types of searches are bringing in some traffic.

If you are already using Search Console, go to the survey here and let’s make this tool even better!

The survey can be accessed over here, and it starts off asking if your role is webmaster, SEO, marketer, etc. It then goes into more detail, asking how many sites you manage, how many messages you get per week, if you read them, where you read those messages, which ones you act on versus which ones you ignore, and why you might skip acting on them.

Clearly, Google is looking for ways to make the messaging through the Google Search Console better. Recently, Google announced they will reduce the notifications one sees based on which sites they technically own within the Google Search Console.

Google’s Mariya Moeva is seeking feedback on how the Google Search Console can do better at sending out messages and notifications to webmasters and those who verify their websites in the Google Search Console.