How A Website Care Plan Saves Smart Business Owners Time & Money

How A Care Plan Saves The Smart Business Owner Time & Money

I want you to get the MOST out of your website.

I consider myself successful when I deliver a project that gives a client return on investment. Basically, I succeed when my customers succeed.

I also have the in-depth knowledge, insights and expertise of what makes websites successful, and not all clients have been exposed to yet.

I really want to change that.

Publishing a website and then leaving it to grow is a recipe for lackluster results, and in some cases, disaster. If you want to anything flourish, you need to spend time, attention and effort to see it become what you hoped for.

Your website is a living, breathing thing. Both because of changes being made to the website, as well as the evolution of the software that it was built on.

You cannot get away from the critical task of website maintenance. Whether you do it yourself, you get someone like me to do it, or you have someone in-house, it just has to get done.

The two main reasons for this ongoing care and maintenance is security and software updates. There is some overlap between these two reasons, but these are the foundations that every website must have. It is important to note that these tasks do not cover the continual improvements that should be made to your website.


The internet has become such an integral part of our lives, that it is near impossible to imagine living without it. With all the good that the internet brings, there is also a lot of negative things.

Hackers have stolen identities & credit card details, have crippled corporations and interfered with governments and elections.

The bad news for SME’s are that it is not just the big fish that are the targets. Any business, or person, with an online presence can be targeted. Quite often it is the small business that is the easy target, as regular maintenance is not done to keep their website safe.

When your website was first created, you had set certain goals for it. Bringing in prospects and customers, building brand awareness and increasing sales and revenue are some of the goals used to measure the return on investment on website projects.

A vulnerable website is putting all of that at risk.

What happens when a potential customer visits your website and sees a hacked or broken home page?


Your website is powered by software that is most likely created by software developers all around the globe. This software is constantly being improved, which is great for your website. If you remain up to date, of course.

A few short years ago, it was near impossible to navigate websites on mobile phones. This is no longer the case. Even the technology we consider as cutting edge today, will be replaced in a few years from now.

These improvements make it easier for customers to find, navigate and use your website. You know what happens when you visit a site that looks old and outdated. Your mind immediately asks whether the company itself is just as old and outdated.

If they aren’t keeping their website up to date, do they expect me to believe they are keeping up their industry changes?

Is this the right company to help me?

We do not want your customers to have these doubts when they visit your website.

Let's talk about security.

But Eben, why would anyone want to hack my business site?

There are a number of ways for hackers to benefit from hacking into your site.

Typically they are looking for sensitive data, like financial information they could use for personal gain.

This might be customer’s credit cards, your account numbers, passwords to your financial accounts, etc. The reward for the hacker(s) is getting away with cold hard cash.

Money is not their only motivation though.

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