The Importance of Local Business Directories in SEO

I recently read an article on Search Engine Journal about local directories. This reminded me of how important these local directories can be for a successful SEO campaign.

If you run a local business that provides products\services mostly to a small geographic area you need to be listed in every single local directory you can find. These listings provide advertising for your business, and also provides some of the geographic signals that search engines like to see for local businesses.

So, not only does your listing have the potential to bring in some customers, it will also help to increase your website’s exposure in the search engines.

This article sparked a few ideas in my mind, and lead to the creation of, a Pretoria East Business Directory. The idea is to help businesses in my area to get more business from the search engines.

What makes Pretoria East Pages different?

Well, it is run by a SEO. So if you list your business, you can rest assured that I am doing my best to ensure that you get some business from the directory.

As an introductory offer any business can list for free.

I suggest you check it out! It can give your SEO Pretoria campaign a nice little boost.