5 Reasons why responsive web design is important

5 Reasons why responsive web design is important

5 Reasons why responsive web design is important Responsive web design means having a website which is responsive to the device it is accessed from. That means that the website formats itself to the device, so if it is opened on a mobile phone, the text and pictures appear in a way that is reader friendly for that device, the same is true for tablets or laptops.

There are various reasons why responsive web design is the only way forward if you want to manage your web presence in an ergonomic and future-minded way.

Mobile Phones and Tablets are Taking Over Web Searches

When browsing the web these days, people are increasingly using their hand held devices, and often only go to a laptop or desktop later on to browse a site more intensely after their attention has been hooked on the first device.

This means that if they come across your site on their handheld device and it produces a layout that is difficult to read they will quickly move onto the next item in the search list and you will have lost a potential customer.

Google Says So

Your most important objective when creating your website is that it be easily found and placed high on Google search results so that more customers are led to your site and your chance for conversion increases. This is why you spend time and money making sure your content is SEO rich and well designed.

Well, that isn’t enough anymore! Google recently redesigned their search algorithms to prioritize responsively designed websites. This means that if your site is not responsively designed you will have an even harder time appearing closer to the top of search results, again losing you potential clients.

Practicality and Cost Effectiveness

Managing a single SEO campaign for one website is a difficult enough task, if you have separate sites designed for separate devices, you will have to manage more than one campaign. At the same time, you will have to pay for the design of multiple sites rather than paying a slightly higher rate for one, responsive, web design.

You will also be able to track your performance data more effectively while monitoring the traffic on a single site.

Social Media Happens on Mobile Devices

With more and more businesses blocking social media access at work, people spend most of their time on social media on their mobile devices as they can access it wherever they are. If you are advertising on social media (which any well-handled advertising campaign should be) then you want the link that your potential customers click on to take them to a site that looks professional on the device it is accessed on. On average people decide in less than 3 seconds whether it’s worth reading more into a site, you want to make sure those seconds count!

Failsafe for the Future

If you already have a website, or are currently running two websites (one for a computer and one for a mobile), you might be flinching at the cost of having your website recreated responsively. However, this is a cost you won’t have to incur again, as the site will be responsive to all devices and will be adjusted to any future devices that are introduced.

This means that instead of you having to add another website when a new device configuration is introduced, you will be making one solid investment that is future secure, saving you time, hassle and money in the long run!

There really is no reason why you would want to keep your business in the digital past. Responsive web design is the way forward, and getting on board sooner rather than later is clearly the smartest choice!

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