Junior Writer Position

Junior Writer Position

writer position at digital marketing agency Hi there

My name is Eben, and I am the founder of Katakuru. If you are on this page, you are likely interested in writing for us.

Firstly, let’s talk about the content required.

The content is for local business websites.

Example 1: A local garage door company needs an article titled: “3 Tips in keeping your wooden garage door looking great”

Example 2: A local chiropractor needs an article titled: “How chiropractic can help relieve colic in babies”

Example 3: A local web design company needs an article titled: “7 Web Design Trends To Watch in 2019”

Articles will typically be in the 350-700 word range, although we do the occassional longer article as well.

We also require some short form content. These are typically used for emails, social media, etc. These might be 100-150 word updates that fit with the articles that were written.

These are NOT research-intensive articles. I write alot of these articles myself, and I typically finish most articles in 30 minutes or less.

This position is NOT for you if:

  1. You need a detailed brief to write an article.
  2. You charge by the hour.
  3. You only want to stick to one kind of writing.
  4. You take hours to research basic topics.
  5. You plan on copying articles word-for-word. We use CopyScape to check for plagiarism, and we have a one-strike rule when it comes to plagiarism.

This position is for you if:

  1. You can follow instructions closely.
  2. You can do basic online research using Google.
  3. You can think outside the box to solve problems.
  4. You can deliver articles quickly.
  5. You are keen to get more work from a growing digital marketing agency.
  6. You like writing about a large variety of topics.


The pay rate will be R20 per 100 words for the first 3 months. If you are able to prove your worth over these 3 months, there is room to grow into a Senior Writer role (pay rates start at R40 per 100 words).

Please only apply if you are comfortable working for the initial rate.


You will be provided training materials on how to write these articles, and how to improve your writing. We require alot of content to be written, and if you deliver quality articles on time, your rate will be adjusted accordingly.

Still interested?

If you are interested in the position, follow these steps closely:

  1. Send an email to eben@katakuru.com with the subject line: Interested in writing position: <YourName>
  2. Include 2-3 paragraphs as an intro for this article:
    1. Title: Why copywriting is critical to your website’s success
    2. Target Site: To be published on katakuru.com
    3. Target Audience: Business owners who would like to get more new clients from their websites.
    4. Point of view: Please write the article as if you are the web design expert advising the business owner on the benefits of copywriting for their website
    5. Research: If you do a Google search for something like “importance of copywriting for websites”, you will see a number of articles on this topic. You can use these for inspiration, but don’t forget the one-strike plagiarism rule.

If I like your intro, I will pay you to write the full 400 word article at a rate of R20 per 100 words. This first article will be a paid trial to see if you would be a good fit for the team.

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