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Search Engine Optimization For Buying-Intent Search Phrases

The experts at intent-based SEO

Are your customers finding your website for the right search phrases?

Don’t waste your valuable time and money to rank for keywords that do NOT convert.

Our SEO packages are all based on our proven Buying Intent Keyword Discovery Process that has been tweaked and fine-tuned over the past 10 years.

We are the experts in ranking your website for the right keywords. Doing this will quickly improve your lead flow with consumers that are likely to buy your product or service.

Google Is Always Changing And Evolving

The search engines (especially Google) has large teams that work day and night on improving their algorithms. They roll out dozens of major updates, and many more minor updates every year.

When you have a business to run, optimizing your site for the search engines can take up time that could be spent on more valuable tasks inside your business. Our SEO packages are built on our proven recipe of getting results for dozens of companies in a variety of industries.

Let Katakuru handle your SEO so you can focus on the tasks that drive growth and generates revenue.

Why should I hire someone to do SEO?

Your website forms the hub of your online presence. This is where potential customers, and perhaps investors come to find out who you are and what your company does. Your website was created with a solid foundation and was built to portray the image of your business.

While most WordPress websites have a solid foundation, we need to install additional software to extend the functionality of your site. Some of these additional plugins are free, but many are premium licensed plugins that require a yearly subscription. Keeping these plugins up to date is critical to ensure your business website can achieve the goals you set when building it.

A typical Katakuru website has around R11 000 worth of yearly plugin licenses (give or take depending on each site’s requirements). We have bought developer licenses to these plugins allowing us to use the plugins on client sites so that our clients never have to pay these subscription fees – it’s all included in the Care Plan!

The Katakuru Difference

We are the BUYING-INTENT search engine optimization experts.

Getting those valuable high organic positions is hard enough as it is.

Optimizing your site to get these high positions for the keywords that are NOT likely to convert, is a big waste of your valuable time and money.

We rank websites for the buying intent keywords that will turn website visitors into more sales and revenue.

The Katakuru Difference: Buyer-Intent SEO

We hear horror stories every week. Stories of companies outsourcing their SEO to India, Pakistan or another country. Stories of tired, stressed-out business owners trying to do their own search engine optimization. Stories of shortcuts that were taken that lead to websites that were penalized.

The story that breaks our heart is where a smart business owner invests into an SEO campaign over a period of time, and starts to rank for keywords. But because of poorly chosen keywords, the visitors to the website is just not converting into quotes, invoices and revenue.

Choosing the keywords you are targeting is the foundation for a successful SEO campaign.

At Katakuru we do Buyer-Intent Search Engine Optimization.

Our expertise is in determining the buyer intent searches and optimizing our client’s website for those buyer intent searches. When their target clients search with intent, my client’s site will show.

As part of our process, we do in-depth keyword research when you come onboard as a client.

You don’t want to spend months trying to rank for a keyword, to find out that the traffic from that search phrase is not converting.

Our proprietary Keyword Discovery Process makes sure we target the keywords where the user intent is to find a business and to make contact with them. When these potential clients find your site, it leads to more leads, quotes, sales and revenue for your business.

Please note: No SEO company can ever guarantee more sales. The responsibility of convincing leads to do business with you will always remain in your hands as the business owner.

We can guarantee a substantial increase in qualified leads.

A few of our happy clients

Choose your growth package

Each of our packages is built on our unique Buyer-Intent Keyword Discovery Process and includes everything you need to rank. From the very best paid plugins (that we have bought agency licenses for), to cloud backups, your website will be in better shape within the first wo weeks.

We will also take care of all the technical SEO tasks, including on-page optimization, rewriting meta titles and descriptions, optimizing images for size and relevance, creating & submitting sitemaps, Google Analytics setup & conversion tracking, Search Console setup and monitoring, business listing submissions, optimizing crawl budget, monitoring http status codes, elimintation of duplicate content and anything else that Google might start using as a factor in their algorithm.

Here are the packages for you to select from. Choose the most powerful package that suits your budget, and let us accelerate your lead flow quickly with consumers that are highly likely to buy your product or service.

Rapid Growth

R 14 999 Monthly
  • Buyer-Intent Keyword Discovery
  • 5 x Power Links (pm)
  • 8 Hours of On-Page Optimization
  • Monthly Blog Posts (400 words each)
  • Monthly Business Listings
  • Premium Care Plan
    (value of R1 499pm)
    Learn more here
  • Premium WordPress Plugins
    (value of R11 000 per year)
  • Includes Google My Business Optimization
5X power

Swift Growth

R 7 999 Monthly
  • Buyer-Intent Keyword Discovery
  • 2 x Power Links (pm)
  • 4 Hours of On-Page Optimization
  • Monthly Blog Posts (400 words each)
  • Monthly Business Listings
  • Premium Care Plan
    (value of R1 499pm)
    Learn more here
  • Premium WordPress Plugins
    (value of R11 000 per year)
  • Includes Google My Business Optimization
2x power

Stable Growth

R 4 999 Monthly
  • Buyer-Intent Keyword Discovery
  • 1 x Power Link (pm)
  • 2 Hours of On-Page Optimization
  • Monthly Blog Posts (400 words each)
  • Monthly Business Listings
  • Premium Care Plan
    (value of R1 499pm)
    Learn more here
  • Premium WordPress Plugins
    (value of R11 000 per year)
  • Includes Google My Business Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are on this page, you most likely found us on Google by searching for a buyer-intent search phrase like ‘pretoria seo company’. We currently rank both #1 and #2 for these terms with our two websites ( and This means we rely on Google ourselves to find more customers by showing up for the right keywords through our Buyer-Intent Keyword Discovery Process.

That means we get new paying clients by using our very own process.

That should be all the proof you need that we are the experts at ranking a website for the phrases that will turn visitors into clients.

See the table above for the basics that is included in each of our packages,

On top of this, each package also covers the following: keyword research, on-page optimization, technical optimization internal linking, off-page optimization, business listing submissions, sitemap optimization, crawl budget optimization, image file size optimization, image alt tag optimization, competitor research & analysis, http status code monitoring.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will do what it takes to get your website ranked.

SEO is NOT just tweaking page titles, meta descriptions and optimizing file names.

Every website should have that in place as a standard. Implementing these changes will help, but this only addresses the “relevancy”.

You need “authority”. This comes from other websites linking to your website. This comes from guest posts.

All things being equal, the website with the most Power Links will win the race.

The bigger package you can afford, the better and faster your can expect results.

Having said that, we can offer the following guidelines:

Stable Growth package: good for local businesses, like guesthouses, restaurants, chiropractors targeting a single city.

Swift Growth Package: ideal for regional businesses like waterproofers, garage door companies and decking companies targeting a larger region (e.g. Pretoria & Centurion).

Rapid Growth Package: perfect for large sites, eCommerce websites and national campaigns.

If you are in a really competitive industry, you will have to add more Power Links to your package to get the desired results.

In a nutshell, we take over the management of your website. We will do the updates and upgrades on plugins, themes and the WordPress core software. We install the premium plugins we have paid for on to your site with no added cost to you (don’t worry, we have an agency license that allows us to install these plugins on your site). We do cloud backups on a daily basis, and we monitor your site for uptime and other performance issues.

We also include 8 x website changes per month. These are tasks that can be implemented in less than 15 minutes and INCLUDE edits to content, changing plugin settings and CSS adjustments.

Tasks that we EXCLUDE are custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, advanced contact forms, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress, creation of content or building out brand new sites or subdomains.


  • Included: You ask us to change the logo on your site with a new logo that you provide to us.
  • Excluded: You ask us to design a new logo for your company.


  • Included: You ask us to add a new product to your WooCommerce website (and you provide the images and all content)
  • Excluded: You want us to create a custom checkout process, or to add a new payment gateway for your WooCommerce store.


  • Included: You ask us to take the text you emailed to us, and use it to replace the text on your About page.
  • Excluded: You want us to write the content for your About page.


  • Included: You ask us to install and setup a plugin to use its standard functionality.
  • Excluded: You want us to create new functionality that doesn’t exist in a plugin.

Note: We can assist with some of the excluded tasks that are mentioned above, but these will be done on an ad-hoc basis where we quote you before any work starts.

Our care plans each cover a single site. Please note that subdomains are counted as separate sites, as these are separate installations of WordPress and they run different plugins and themes.

If you own multiple sites, you will need to order a plan for each site. You have the freedom to choose different plans for each website.

We will happily work with any hosting company. We fully understand that each site owner has their own requirements when it comes to performance, service and budget.

We do have a list of trusted hosting providers that we can provide to you.

It is critical to mention at this point that shared hosting will limit your resources and will impact on your site’s speed and security.

We will monitor the performance of your website at your current host, and will let you know if you need to a better hosting plan/provider.

Right now we keep to typical office hours in South Africa (Mo-Fri, 8:00-17:00).

We are working on plans to expand the team so that we can assist outside of typical office hours.

We have structured these plans to be as affordable as possible for you, and it just makes more sense to handle these requests via email rather than phone.

We can only handle a handful of calls every day, but with email we can handle a larger volume meaning we have more time to complete those edits you need done ASAP.

  • WP Rocket ($199 value): this premium caching plugin speeds up your site’s loading time to ensure visitors find the relevant info quickly.
  • Shortpixel ($120 value): this premium image compression plugin ensures your images are as tiny as possible without sacrificing any of the resolution/quality.
  • SEOPress Pro ($39 value): this premium SEO plugin ensures that your website is search engine friendly and lays an excellent foundation for a SEO campaign.
  • Elementor Pro ($199 value): This premium page builder plugin allows you to create beautiful web pages.

We do offer custom development as a supplement to our ongoing care plans. If you have a larger project that falls outside the scope of your normal care plan, we will gladly assist you in estimating the work and effort required.

Custom development is charged at R750/hour. You will provide the details of the project, and we will provide an accurate estimate. Work only starts once you give us the go ahead.

  • eCommerce (we only support WooCommerce sites at the moment. We do have plans to expand this offering)
  • Membership sites (Memberpress, Restrict Content Pro, s2 Member, etc)
  • Learning Management (Learndash, LifterLMS, Sensei, etc)
  • Multilingual (WPML, Polylang, qTranslate-X, etc)
  • Outside API/software integrations
  • Multisite installations (including subsites of a multisite network)

The next step might be to complete a Discovery Form (visit this page).

After you have completed the form, you will be able to schedule a free consultation with Eben to answer any other questions you might have.


You are about to take the next step in improving your online visibility, connecting with your potential and existing customers.

Sign up below and we will be in touch shortly to make the necessary arrangements for your SEO package.